C language Training

Must learn

The most important benefit of the C programming language, is that it recognized worldwide and used in a multiple of applications, including advanced scientific systems and operating systems. Another important benefit of learning the C language, is that it is the base language of all advanced computer languages

Why C Language?

  • C Language is world’s most powerful programming language
  • It is used to develop  desktop applications, operating systems, Drivers, Browsers etc
  • To learn any language C Language is fundamental step

C Language Course Contents

Fundamentals of C Language

  • About C tutorial
  • Important points about C
  • Why Use C
  • Applications of C
  • C Language and English Language
  • Features of C
  • C, C++ and Java

Overview of C Language

  • History of C
  • First Program in C Hello World
  • Basic Structure of C Programming
  • Tokens in C
  • Keywords in C
  • Identifiers in C
  • Format Specifiers
  • Format Specifiers Examples

Data Types in C Language

  • Introduction to Data Types in C
  • int Data Type in C
  • float Data Type in C
  • double Data Type in C
  • char Data Type in C

Variable in C Language

  • Variable Introduction in C
  • Variable Declaration and Initialization
  • Variable types and Scope in C
  • Local Variable in C
  • static Variable in C
  • Global variables in C
  • Storage Class in C

Constant in C Language

  • Constants in C

Operators and Enums in C Language

  • Introduction to Operator
  • Arithmetic Operators in C
  • Relational Operators in C
  • Bit-wise Operators in C
  • Logical Operators in C
  • Assignment Operators in C
  • Conditional Operator in C
  • sizeof() Operator in C
  • Operator Precedance

Decision Making of C Language

  • Decision Making in C Introduction
  • if Statement
  • if-else Statement
  • Nested if Statement
  • if else if Ladder
  • switch case

Loop control in C Language

  • Loop Introduction in C
  • while loop in C
  • do while Loop In C
  • for Loop in C

Control Flow in C Programming

  • break Statement in C
  • continue Statement in C
  • goto Statement in C

Array in C Language

  • Single Dimensional Array
  • Multi-Dimensional Array in C

String in C Language

  • Introduction to String

Function in C Language

  • Function in C
  • Function Calling in C
  • return type in Function
  • Call by Value in C
  • User Define Function
  • Predefined Functions

String functions in C

  • All String Functions
  • strcat() function
  • strncat() function
  • strcpy() function
  • strncpy() function
  • strlen() function
  • strcmp() function
  • strcmpi() function
  • strchr() function
  • strrchr() function
  • strstr() function
  • strrstr() function
  • strdup() function
  • strlwr() function
  • strupr() function
  • strrev() function
  • strset() function
  • strnset() function
  • strtok() function

Recursion in c

  • Introduction to Recursion
  • Direct and Indirect Recursion

Pointer in C Language

  • Pointer in C
  • types of pointer
  • NULL pointer
  • Dangling Pointer
  • Void/Generic Pointers
  • Wild Pointer
  • Near, Far and Huge Pointer
  • Pointer Expressions and Arithmetic
  • Pointer and Array
  • Strings as pointers
  • Pointer to Function
  • Call by Reference in C

Structure in C Language

  • Structure in C
  • Nested Structure in C
  • Array of Structures in C
  • Pointer to Structure
  • Structure to Function in C
  • typedef in C
  • typedef vs #define in C

Union in C Language

  • Union in C

File Input/Output

  • Introduction to File
  • File Operation in c

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