1Portugese Bank Marketing ProjectThe data is related with direct marketing campaigns (phone calls) of a Portuguese banking institution. The classification goal is to predict if the client will subscribe to a term deposit (variable y).
2Rice Leaf Disease using CNNThe dataset contains images of rice leaf. There are three classes/diseases: Bacterial leaf blight, Brown spot, and Leaf smut, each having 40 images. The format of all images are jpg.
3Handwritten Digits Image Processing DatasetThe dataset contains 60,000 small square 28×28 pixel grayscale images of handwritten single digits between 0 and 9.The task is to classify a given image of a handwritten digit into one of 10 classes representing integer values from 0 to 9, inclusively.
4Customer Transaction PredictionIdentify which customers will make a specific transaction in the future, irrespective of the amount of money transacted.
5Fifa 20Using clustering algorithms to categorize similar players using their traits and their different skills in the field.
6Forest Type Cover PredictionPredict the forest cover type (the predominant kind of tree cover) from strictly cartographic variables (as opposed to remotely sensed data).
7Home Loan Default – Risk ManagementContains multiple databases and sources to predict how capable each loan applicant is competent in repaying the loan.
8Liver Patient PredictionThis is a Liver Patient identification Data Set. The target is to identify whether the patient has an anomaly or abnormal functioning of the liver.
9NBA Shot SelectionThis is a Basketball shot selection Data Set. Using 20+ years of data on the dunks and misses, the target is to predict which shots will go through the net and which doesn’t.
10Cellphone Price RangeThis is a Cellphone Price Range Data Set. Sales data of various mobile phone companies have been collected. The bigger scope is to find the relationship between features of a cell phone to its selling price. The target here is to predict a price range of the phone and not the actual price.
11Insurance Claim PredictionThis is an Insurance Claim Prediction Data Set. The bigger scope is to account for inaccuracies in the cost of insurance policies. A cautious driver should get a better price compared to a reckless driver. The target here is to build a Machine Learning model that predicts the probability that a driver will initiate an insurance claim in the following year.
12Blood Donation PredictionThis is a Blood Donation Prediction Data Set. The dataset contains blood donation details of regular university visits. The target is to predict whether a donor will give blood the next time the blood donation campaign is held again at the university campus.
13Game AI – Winner PredictionThis is a PUBG game Data Set. The dataset contains a large number of anonymized game stats for a single player with all match types. The target is to create a ML model which predicts players’ finishing placement based on their final stats.
14Walking Running ClassificationThis dataset contains accelerometer and gyroscope data associated when a person is running and walking. The target is to create a LSTM model to predict the state of body from input of sensor.
15Vaccination PredictionThe dataset contains the respondents information about the pandemic survey where they answered if they had received the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines. The goal is to predict how likely individuals are to receive their H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines. In specific, the target is to predict two probabilities: one for h1n1_vaccine and one for seasonal_vaccine.
16Earthquake Damage PredictionThe dataset contains the survey results of one of the largest post-disaster data ever collected by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The data contains valuable information on the impact of earthquakes, household conditions, and socio-economic-demographic details. The target is to predict the level of damage to buildings caused by the earthquake.
17Heart Disease PredictionThe dataset is an excerpt from a study of heart disease which contains various measurements on patient health and cardiovascular statistics. The target is to predict if a patient has any cardiovascular disease or not.
18Automobile Imports Price PredictionThis is an Automobile Imports Data Set which contains various characteristics of the cars including insurance risk rating and other price indicators. The target is to predict the price of the cars.
19Bike Rental DatasetThis is a Bike Rental dataset which contains the hourly and daily count of rental bikes in a Capital bikeshare system with the corresponding weather and seasonal information as well. The target is to predict the count of total rental bikes including both casual and registered.
20Concrete compressive strengthThis is a dataset containing the different factors that can affect the compressive strength of concrete. The target is to use those factors to predict the compressive strength of the concrete.
21House Price Prediction – Advanced RegressionThe Housing dataset was compiled by Dean De Cock which is an incredible alternative and an exhaustive dataset with modernized and expanded version of the Boston Housing dataset. The target is to predict the property sales however this requires extensive feature engineering to achieve the same.
22Insurance Cost PredictionUsing the data set prediction what will be the cost of the premium for health insurance.
23Hospital Stay PredictionUsing the features given need to predict if a patients comes to hospital than for how many days he/she can stay
24Covid PredictionTo predict number of death and recovery cases for Covid 19
25Texas Employee Salary predictionTo predict salary of employees using given features
26Flight fare predictionUisng the dataset need to predict fare of flight