Latest Projects Titiles


1A user-centric machine learning framework for cyber security operations center 
2Review of the Use of AI Techniques in Serious Games: Decision-Making and Machine 
3Semi-supervised machine learning approach for ddos detection
4Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis 
5How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information for Business Opportunity Evaluation
6Multi-Traffic Scene Perception Based on Supervised Learning
7A Bi-objective Hyper-Heuristic Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security 
8Modeling and Predicting Cyber Hacking Breaches
9Price-based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing: A Market Equilibrium Approach
10String Similarity Search: A Hash-Based Approach
11A Data Mining based Model for Detection of Fraudulent Behaviour in Water Consumption
12Data-Driven Design of Fog Computing aided Process Monitoring System for Large-Scale Industrial Processes
13Designing Cyber Insurance Policies: The Role of Pre-Screening and Security Interdependence
14Web application for community question answering
15Text classification for newsgroup using machine learning
16Data Analytics Approach to the Cybercrime Underground Economy
17Image based appraisal of real estate properties
18Cloud-based multimedia content protection system
19Assessing the effectiveness of riparian restoration projects using landsat and precipitation data from the cloud-computing application
20Data security approach on cyber crime with web vulnerability
21Exploratory Visual Sequence Mining Based on Pattern-Growth
22Toward better statistical validation of machine learning-based multimedia quality estimators
23Rainfall rate prediction based on artificial neural networks for rain fade mitigation over earth-satellite link
24Phishing web sites features classification based on machine learning
25Applied machine learning predictive analytics to sql injection attack detection and prevention
26Machine learning and deep learning methods for cybersecurity
27Self-taught low-rank coding for visual learning
28Credit card fraud detection using AdaBoost and majority voting
29Blockchain: A game changer for securing IoT data
30Using data mining to predict hospital admissions from the emergency department
31Characterizing and Predicting Early Reviewers for Effective Product Marketing on E-Commerce Websites
32Rich Short Text Conversation Using Semantic Key Controlled Sequence Generation
33Bag-of-Discriminative-Words (BoDW) Representation via Topic Modeling
34Finding trustworthy service provider in trusted network
35Document clustering using improved k-means algorithm
36Multifactor opinion mining and intention analysis for business intelligence
37Sentiment analysis system to improve teaching and learning
38The most trending articles every year using nlp techniques
39Dynamic fact ordering for factated product search engines
40Frequent itemsets mining  with differential privacy over large scale data
41Classifying depressed users with multiple instance learning from social network data
42Synthetic social media data generation
43Audio sentiment analysis system
44An efficient steganography method using ad pvd
45E-assessment using image processing
46Currency recognition system using image processing
47Open images – object detection track
48correlated matrix factorization for recommendation with implicit feedback 
49Personalized affective feedback to address students’ frustration in ITS
50Robust Malware Detection for Internet Of (Battlefield) Things Devices Using Deep Eigenspace Learning 
51Efficient Vertical Mining of High Average-Utility Itemsets based on Novel Upper-Bounds
52Nonintrusive Smartphone User Verification Using Anonymized Multimodal Data
53Serendipitous recommendation in e- commerce using innovator –based collaborative filtering
54Predicting the Top-N Popular Videos via a Cross-Domain Hybrid Model
55Serendipity—A machine-learning application for mining serendipitous drug usage from social media
56Generating multimedia storyline for effective disaster information awareness
57Subway passenger flow forecasting with multi-station and external factors
58Object visual detection for intelligent vehicles
59Automatic visual features for writer identification a deep learning approach
60Analysis of women safety in indian cities using machine learning on tweets
61Feature extraction for next-term prediction of poor student performance
62Phishing Email Detection Using Improved RCNN Model With Multilevel Vectors and Attention Mechanism
63Urban street cleanliness assessment using mobile edge computing and deep learning
64Hitboost survival analysis via a multi-output gradient boosting decision tree method
65A Generic Human–Machine Annotation Framework Based on Dynamic Cooperative Learning
66Adaptive Safe Semi-Supervised Extreme Machine Learning
67Machine Learning-based Error Detection and Design Optimization in Signal Integrity Applications
68Semi-Supervised Hotspot Detection with Self-Paced Multi-Task Learning
69Semi-Supervised K-Means DDoS Detection Method Using Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm
70Semi-Supervised Self-Training Method Based on An Optimum-Path Forest
71Towards Safe Weakly Supervised Learning
72Trace Quotient with Sparsity Priors for Learning Low Dimensional Image Representations
73Read, Watch, Listen, and Summarize: Multi-Modal Summarization for Asynchronous Text, Image, Audio and Video
74Personalized recommendation of social images by constructing a user interest tree with deep features and tag trees
75Detection of Depression-Related Posts in Reddit Social Media Forum
76A fast scene text detector using knowledge distillation
77Sentiment lexicon construction with hierarchical supervision topic model
78A nodes’ evolution diversity inspired method to detect anomalies in dynamic social networks
79Recolored Image Detection via a Deep Discriminative Model
80Selective learning confusion class for text-based captcha recognition
81Enhanced object detection with deep convolutional neural networks for advanced driving assistance
82Multi-task learning for captioning images with novel words
83Automatic HTML Code Generation from Mock-up Images Using Machine Learning Techniques
84Deep Facial Action Unit Recognition and Intensity Estimation from Partially Labelled Data
85Improving Dataset Volumes and Model Accuracy with Semi-Supervised Iterative Self-Learning
86Transfer Neural Trees: Semi-Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation and Beyond